Marvellous Medicinal Mulberries

There has been a lot of talk about the health benefits of mulberries. Let’s take a look at some published studies and see what good science there is to back up these claims.

In traditional Chinese medicine, mulberries have long been known to be an anti-aging agent. In published studies the conclusion was that mulberries exhibit a memory enhancing effect.(1)(2)

Published studies have concluded that mulberry fruit possesses strong antioxidant activity and also contains high amounts of resveratrol.(3)(4)

In a study published in November 2013, mulberry fruit suppressed the development of intestinal inflammation and the formation of tumors in both petri dishes and in living beings.(5)

Studies have shown that mulberry extract can be helpful to diabetics. The majority of the research on mulberries used to help diabetics has focused on the leaves and less on the fruit.(6)(7)

However, a study published in April 2015 concluded that a substance in mulberry fruit may be a potential phytotherapeutic agent for the prevention of diabetes.(8)(9)  .

Mulberries have been effectively used in Chinese medicine for the prevention of coronary heart disease. Studies now back up this claim finding that the anthocyanin components in mulberries have a preventative effect on the formation of atherosclerosis.(9)

Mulberries are generally found in two shades of color, red and white. Red mulberries turn purple to almost black when ripe and white mulberries turn beige when dried. Both of them are delicious, nutritious and provide beneficial medicinal properties.

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By Craig B Sommers ND, CN














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