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CHAPTER 1: The Building Blocks of Immunity
Essential Fats
CHAPTER 2: Selected Research
Animal Studies
Human Studies
Kirlian Photography
Digestive Leucocytosis
The Mind
CHAPTER 3: Foods for Fuel and Medicine
Fruits and Melons
Vegetables, Roots and Spices
Nuts and Seeds
Green Foods
Sea Salt
Ocean Grown Food
Eat The Weeds
Thermal Properties of Foods
CHAPTER 4: Biblical References
The Old Testament
Jesus: The Lost Teachings
CHAPTER 5: Noteworthy People
Brigitte Mars
Albert Schweitzer
Edgar Cayce, Christian Mystic
Thomas Edison
Tony Robbins
Brian Clement
Gabriel Cousens
Richard Schulze
The Raw Family
Robert O. Young
Bradford Angier
Byron Tyler
CHAPTER 6: What to Avoid
Oxalic Acid and the Nightshade Story
Genetically Engineered Foods
Toxins From Cooking
Barbecue Blues
Microwave Ovens
Electromagnetic Radiation
Cellular Phones
Trans Fats, Hydrogenated Fats & Saturated Fats
Cosmetics/Personal Care Products
Artificial Sweeteners
Pesticides, Artificial Colors, & Waxes
The Crab Syndrome
Food-Borne Illness
Rabbit Starvation
CHAPTER 7: Recommendations For Healthy Living
Acid Alkaline Balancing
My Typical Menu
Cleansing Reactions / The Healing Process
The Liver / Gallbladder Flush
Pure Water
Oxygen / Deep Breathing
Indoor Air Pollution
New Car Smell
Sunlight The Great Healer
Chew, Chew, Chew!
Proper Rest
Deep Relaxation
Use It or Lose It
The Mind Body Connection
Weight Normalization
Chapter 8: Recipes and Resources
Nut Milks and Beverages
Pates, Spreads and Nondairy Cheese
Pizza Crust, Sprouted Bread, and Crackers
Side Dishes
Recommended Reading
Books on Children and Living-Food
Recipe Books
Work Cited

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I finished your bible and have been eating raw and vegan about half the time...always vegan. I feel really great, the energy and mental clarity are invaluable. More importantly, I've made a big impact at home with my family. My parents joined a CSA, started buying organic, and have been making raw/frozen smoothies most mornings. I'm still saving for a juicer, that's the next step. Its incredible that my family has responded so well. I just wanted to tell you how grateful I am. Your influence has made a sizable impression on my life.

Austin Huet

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Hello Craig,

Just wanted to let you know that I have introduced my mum to your Essene Yoga practice and she cannot speak highly enough of it. Immediately following her first DVD class she raved about the benefits she was already feeling - relaxed and more flexible So, I thought I would pass on the compliments to you for putting together such a wonderful practice. It truly is a pleasure to experience its ongoing benefits.

Thanks Again,

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We arranged a presentation by Dr Sommers together with Gorilla Food, In Touch Chiropractic and Raw BC. Everyone had an amazing time, learned new information and left inspired and empowered.

Thank-you ever so much.
Janice Skoreyko CSN,
Director - Raw Foundation in Vancouver Canada

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After reading Raw Foods Bible, I immediately connected the dots as to what had caused my binge eating and bulimia for several years. The recipes in Craig's book helped me begin a new life and prompted me to write my own book called Rawlicous Recipes. My book is for anyone that has struggled with emotional eating.

Andrea Cox,

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Hi Craig

Thanks so much for the headset! It works great! I used to get headaches from using my cell phone for more than 20 minutes at a time. That doesn't happen with the EFM reducing headset.

Aloha, Kiani

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Hello Craig!!

Thank you so much for the amazing month I spent at your home. I arrived weighing 265 pounds and a meat eater and left weighing 223 and now a vegetarian!! I have been a home builder for 22 years and my body has the scars and aches to prove it, I am 37 but my body felt around 57, I feel like I gained 10 years of youth back, I have tons of energy again and my mind is sharp and clear, the aches are almost non existent, I feel happy again!!!!!! The foods I ate there were some of the best flavors I have ever had and not once did I crave meat like I used to. I will be continuing this lifestyle for the rest of my days. Thank you so much again and I wish you well!!

David Reed,

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....By the way, we just made your raw blueberry/almond crust pie and it was a hit. I especially loved the fact that it was so simple and very little clean up. When my boyfriend starts eating it, he just can't stop.


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Hi Craig,

Just wanted to let you know that the wart problem seems to have subsided! (By the way, this was 10 plantar warts, one of which was a really large mosaic type) Quite a learning process and you definitely had a big hand in helping me tackle the beast!

Thanks for all of your help!

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Hi Craig,

Just wanted to say how brilliant I thought your book is, have been meaning to write this email for about a year and a half. Having been at H.H.I. in W. Palm Beach for 3 weeks and T.O.L. AZ for 2 weeks, and read an extensive selection of books on raw food health etc by authors B. Clement, G. Cousins, and D. Wolfe etc, your book is the one I favour and keep returning to, simply because it has the vital information in it and gets to the point. Such a pleasure to read its almost as though the book has a mystical karma. Strangely when people ask me about my favorite book I tell them with respect about yourself describing you as the ultimate raw vegan with a diesel which runs on Veg oil. I bought Raw Foods Bible from you in Miami Florida about 3 years ago and brought it all the way back to Ireland.


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Dear Craig

I got the results a couple weeks ago from the mineral hair test. I was quite suprised at the magnesium deficiency and what it does. Started taking liquid magnesium two weeks later followed by an addition of magnesium oil used externally. Within a week most of my aches and pains were gone. Also feeling much better. I have been to about 6 doctors and have had tons of tests for lots of things and no one ever looked for the most obvious.

Thanks for you wonderful work. Keep it up.
Pat Cherundolo

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Craig, Ok - you were totally right. I noticed I was clenching my teeth a lot when I got stressed – this would cause a headache. And I HAVE been a lot more stressed lately with layoffs at my job happening every week, etc. etc. SO – since you pointed this out to me, the headaches have gone away! Had a slight re-occurrence on Monday, but remembered to chill out and the headache dissipated. Amazing! This was a lot more helpful than what the physician I went to told me, which was, “It seems that something unusual is going on – we need to do a CT scan of your brain ASAP to see if you have a tumor, blood clot, or something else that might cause you to croak on us.” Yes, the doctor said ‘croak’. How's that for stress-relieving?

Thanks much for the help!
Erica Hale. Utah

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… I felt that first I should try the raw foods diet before contacting you and amazingly enough it really helped me out. At first I was concerned because even though I felt my health was improving, my thyroid problem was still present. Until recently that is. I don't quite know exactly what food did the trick but every week my thyroid was improving. Now I don't have the swelling around my neck, I have much more energy and I'm losing a healthy amount of weight. It's been great. I also took up yoga recently in order to relieve much of my stress and it's been amazing. I feel yoga has completely balanced out my life and has made me more connected to everything that surrounds me.

I honestly want to thank you. I can't express to you how much it means to me that you were willing to help me. Your book has helped me out through so much. It really has helped me to listen to my body and has gotten me quite interested in nutrition. Thank you so much. I love your book and all the wonderful insight. I wish you the best on your journey through life :)

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I just got done watching your dvd and it was downright inspirational. I don't read a lot on raw foods or nutrition anymore because I am happy to say that I feel slammin’ almost all the time and am in an excellent place with my relationship to my body, athleticism, rest and sanity. Instead I tend to educate myself about reality manipulation and private-action environmentalism.

Your dvd was so encompassing that the waste-free renegade in me got a wheelbarrow full of what she needed, the reality manipulator in me found some eye opening renegade facts, and the healthy human in me was turned on too, by solid nutritional and biological education that I wouldn't have otherwise sought out.

Thank you. Thank you from myself and from all of us who don't know how or can't say the words. Thank you.

Tonya Kay

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Hi Craig,

Just finished reading Raw Foods Bible and absolutely love it! I have so much respect for what you have done and your expertise. I learned so much from your presentation at Raw Spirit in Sedona. As a newbie to raw foods, I can see it's going to be a process.

Fran Goldstein CPC CSP
Gold Staff Consultants Inc.

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Hi Craig

I have recently bought your Essene Yoga DVD while you were here in Australia. Until recently the DVD was left in the back of my cupboard and then I began doing the the 55 min session daily for about 3-4 days. I guess the reason I am writing you, is that I have experienced health issues for approximately the last 5-6 yrs and have tried just about everything under the sun to help with these issues. After just the 3-4 days of Essene Yoga I felt so many changes in my well-being, that I am left stumped!

My vertigo/dizziness symptoms improved, my mood stable, my negativity lifting etc. I would really like to understand why it would be that just about every other form of exercise or yoga has worsened my condition but Essene Yoga has improved it. I have done a little research on the internet, but I would really love to hear from you your understanding of why this is so helpful?

Alaya McMullen

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Dear Craig,

As the founder and Chief Cheerleader of Happy School, NYC, I give far more than three cheers when I'm given a gift that makes my heart sing and soar with joy. At the age of a fit 68, after years of longing to do yoga, you've made it possible. When I say “fit” there's a qualification. I did not have an exercise program that truly inspired, strengthened and invigorated me.

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Dear Craig,

in the DVD “Essene Yoga”, you are increasing my well-being daily and that of many others since I share it and gift many people with it! Even my two grandaughters ages 6 and 12 are enjoying practicing Essene Yoga. It is very clear to me that you developed this practice and love it deeply. What a tremendous gift it is to be learning from a gentle, loving soul who walks the talk upon our beloved earth home. It is my great pleasure to write this testimonial as a concrete and fun way of expressing my Total GRATITUDE to you for all the gifts coming through you.

Ohbeeb Cavalcante

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I participated in a 3-week lifestyle change program. It included fresh wheatgrass twice daily, 6 glasses of vegie/sprout juice per day, and only live food.

It also incuded colon cleansing, exercise, rest, breathing techniques, hyperberic oxygen therapy, and several other therapies and life-supporting activities, plus daily lectures and classes geared toward prevention and wellness. Due to a surgery 2 months earlier, I went into this program with several symptoms – most notably an injured 7th nerve to my eye (my eye would not close on its own), the top of my head was numb (about 3” in diameter) and severe hair loss from the surgery (I lost about half my hair). I had also been diagnosed with a brain tumor 6 months prior.

From the first or second day on the program, my hair stopped falling out. Within 2 weeks, I regained sensation throughout the entire top of my head. Something I had no anticipation of getting healed of was a large suspicious-looking mole on my shoulder. I had made an appt with a dermatologist to have it examined when I returned. Within 2 weeks of the program, the mole was completely gone, with just a small light brown spot left where it used to be. At the end of the 3 weeks, my eye was working almost completely normal. It went from about a 20% ability to blink to about a 95% blink. In addition, I could now easily manually shut the eye any time I wanted. Prior to the 3 weeks, I had to try with all my strength and it would almost shut. I visited my opthamologist when I returned home and he was amazed at my recovery. He said from that point on, I no longer needed to put ointment in my eye before bed and sleep with a patch. That very night, I slept for the first time since the injury without ointment or a patch, and my eye went through the night without a hitch. God has answered my prayers through this program. I am continuing this lifestyle and plan to always stay with it or very close to it.

I feel fantastic and full of life. Before I went to this clinic, I was weak from the surgery. I regained vitality in the first week of the program, and have now bounced back in my life with even greater vitality than before the surgery. Now I know more fully what my body needs to heal itself and am pleased to accommodate it accordingly with the new tools I have gained.

I am forever thankful to Craig Sommers for encouraging me towards this 3-week program. His concern and commitment to my health was the direct reason I embarked on this program, and my life has dramatically changed as a result. I know that the quality of my life, and my husband's (who is embracing this lifestyle with me), will benefit for the rest of our lives.

Deborah Chambers,
Los Angeles, California

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I haven't had this much energy since I was thirteen years old! And my 58th birthday is coming up in September. What happened? Two years ago my desperately low energy levels threatened my ability to perform as a landscaper, especially in the heat. For years before that, I was sick every 2-3 months with whatever was going around. First, I went to the doctors. There didn't seem to be much, by their standards, wrong with me. I really didn't care if I died; I was just SO tired. A friend invited me to a lecture and at the same time I bought a tape series, “Living Health” by Tony Robbins. Neither one made much sense to me, even though I thought I had a fairly good understanding of nutrition. Now, two years later: I haven't been sick once; I don't have migraines; I have no joint, muscle or limb pains; sciatica does not keep me awake or make me limp; I've lost 25 lbs.; my skin is supple and hydrated; my hair isn't graying at break-neck speed; I really want to live. And best of all, the force is back! I feel better than ever in my whole life.

Ruth Chase, Tallahasse, Florida

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By the age of 51 I weighed 225 lbs at 5’ 8” (height). I was addicted to alcohol. Arthritis was my closest companion. I had to have a total knee replacement. My joints were black with arthritis. I had graduated from Vicodin to Methadone for the pain. Working as a dog groomer is incredibly physical and the last few years using painkillers was the only way I could function. I didn't understand the insidious nature of Methadone. I figured if the government issued it to junkies it must be okay. So I found a junkie who would sell to me. By the time I did understand how bad it was, it was tooooo late. I tried on my own to get off Methadone three times. My last attempt I had gone 3 months without it and every breath I took that entire time was filled with such dread and despair you cannot imagine. The very day my dealer called, I was waiting for my husband to walk through the door to beg him to take me to rehab. I was drinking too. I finally went to my family practice doctor who worked with me for two years stepping down the Methadone. By January 2005, I was down to about 5 milligrams daily from a high of 80 milligrams a day. I was however drinking 16-20 ounces of vodka a day, and had been for about 8 years. One day my sister brought over a Tony Robbins tape about eating a raw diet, and he was onto something called “green drink”. I was compelled to go buy some. I bought the smallest cheapest bottle of any product knowing I wouldn't drink it. Now I'll tell you why I tried. In addition to my weight, I could hardly get out of bed in the morning. I couldn't sleep at night because of so much joint pain compounded by the weight. I moved like a 100 year old woman until I could take my pain pill, drink my coffee and pour my first screwdriver. Then I was all set. Except I couldn't eat, literally. The only thing I wouldn't throw up was ice cream and I wouldn't eat that because it made me fatter. My hair quit growing. I passed gas all the time just walking around. My bowels didn't move. I couldn't remember a conversation from yesterday. My voice was so raspy I could hardly talk. I honestly don't remember much except that I felt I was dying. I think maybe I was. So the green drink. The morning of March 31, 2005 I got up, took my pills, and had my coffee and instead of vodka, I mixed up the powder instead. It wasn't bad and after the first glass I found myself drinking and drinking it all day. I craved it. The next day I almost died. For three solid weeks I was SO SICK I couldn't lift my head off the pillow. I completely lost my voice. My son had to call my clients for me. I thought it was the flu. It wasn't until later I realized that as soon as I put something truly nourishing in my body it responded like gang busters throwing out the trash. I don't recommend this strategy for others, but it was the path I took. Upon rising from my sick bed I had no cravings or desire to drink alcohol. I began eating raw foods and juicing fresh greens to alkalize. On July 2, 2005 I took my last dose of Methadone. I had no ill effects from that day to this. For the first year I was very rigid about not eating anything white, anything from animals, very little cooked, and strict food combining. I went for colonics. I fasted for 10 days over the Christmas holiday. I got better. I lost 50 lbs. in three months. I lost 32 inches from my waist. That's a whole person! I began to sleep deeply and soundly. I began to dream. I quit having hot flashes. I no longer perspired until I looked wet from a shower. I began hopping out of bed in the morning. I quit taking any chemical substances, even aspirin. I quit being in constant pain. I have such a quiet joy that I didn't even know I'd lost. This winter (2006-7) I have eaten more cooked foods and have not been as careful to combine my foods properly. I can't believe the difference. I have stiffness, post nasal drip, my eyesight has suffered, I've gained 5 pounds, and I know better. So I've begun again. This is my journey and I'm so happy to be on it. I certainly don't beat myself up for having eaten cooked foods (about50/50). I'm still a universe away from the death march I was on. I know this is my path and it's joyful. It's empowering. It's true. I hope my story will be of some use to someone else.


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