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Introducing the World’s First Cellular Headset    
Preventing radiation from reaching your brain

The radiation free headset, also known as the radiation reducing headset, not only gives you hands free communication to comply with state regulated laws, but also gives you the maxium protection from any harmful radiation reaching your brain!

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National Cell Phone & Disease YouTube video
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Dr. Sommers's Demostrates HeadsetYouTube video

Here's How It Works: This is the world's first cellular headset to be developed using Stethoscopic Aire-Streem technology. This technology utilizes a state-of-the-art enhanced sound chamber which delivers crystal clear sound through an air-filled wireless blue tube (similar to a doctor's stethoscope). By replacing the wire with Aire-Streem tube, this headset reduces the possibility of radiation from reaching your head.

Revolutionary Technology:
This headset features optimal voice clarity! The voice is channeled directly into the ear canal, while special ports in the earpiece reduce background noise. This improves the sound quality and gives you better reception than a conventional phone handset. The earpiece is ergonomically designed for comfort and naturally fits the outer ear, allowing you to also hear traffic sounds while you are driving, as well as people and other sounds around you.

Finally cellular protection that can be measured on a gauss meter!
As cellular and cordless phone use increases, so do the concerns about the potential harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation. The Radiation free headset was developed with these issues in mind as well as to comply with the government hands-free driving regulations! The radiation free headset is equipped with a universal plug that fits most cellular phones and home cordless phones. If your phone is one of those that need an adaptor, please email us. Adaptors are available for only $9.95. Our goal is to provide safe, smart solutions for you and your family.

There are three models available of the RF3 ENVI headsets.
All models come with 3 different size ear tips (small, medium, large)
to fit every size ear!

This innovative stereo headphone, based on patented SAAT (Stereo Acoustic Air Tube™) technology conducts crystal clear sound from your phone through two hollow air tubes. The innovative technology prevents the electro-magnetic radiation from reaching the listener's brain!

  • iPhone headset fits all mobile phones taking a 3.5mm headset.

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To order your radiation reducing headset simply click the button below and we will ship it out to you right away.

The Headsets are also available Wholesale in quantities of 6 or more. Please email us for pricing.

FREE Shipping in the USA
The mono earbud is quick, simple, and small. It's great for people who just want to protect themselves from cell phone radiation.
Comes with 3.5mm plug (fits iPhone and other 3.5mm) FREE Shipping in the USA
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ENVI Mono Earbud
The stereo earbud delivers superior sound quality in a compact form. If you want to get the maximum clarity from your headset, this is the type for you.
This headset works great in your iPod also!
Comes with 3.5mm plug (fits iPhone and other 3.5mm)
FREE Shipping in the USA
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ENVI Stereo Earbud
The mono ear hook is the classic headset, with two built-in pivots in the earpiece for maximum comfort.
Comes with 3.5mm plug (fits iPhone and other 3.5mm) FREE Shipping in the USA

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ENVI Mono Ear Hook

On Tuesday, July 19, 2005, CNN TV covered the death of Johnny Cochrane, the famous lawyer from the O.J. Simpson trial. Dr Keith Black, a well known neuro surgeon from Cedars Sinai medical center in Los Angeles has determined that the brain tumor which caused Johnny's death was strongly connected to his cell phone use.
Wireless/cellular/mobile phones emit both radio frequency radiation (RF) in the microwave range and electromagnetic radiation . Even the mobile phone industry will not claim that their phones are safe. According to Motorola, it is well known that high levels of RF can produce biological damage through heating effects (this is how your microwave oven is able to cook food). However it is not known whether or to what extent, or through what mechanism, lower levels of RF might cause adverse health effects as well.
My Motorola digital wireless telephone Users Guide states that The available science does not allow us to conclude that mobile phones are absolutely safe.
I suggest either using a speakerphone which allows you to hold the phone a few feet away from your head or the use of a radiation reducing headset. Craig B. Sommers ND

Please allow as much as two weeks for delivery. In most cases the unit will arrive in one week or less. Please note that once you purchase an item from this website we guarantee the item free from defects or we will replace the item. Refunds are not given.